Ten Critical Performance Issues for 2010

By Mark Vickers

Are we really three weeks into the new year already? Time flies when you've got too many things to do and not enough time to do them. That's why both organizations and individuals need to prioritize. Not only can setting priorities make organizations less frenzied, they can make them more effective - assuming, of course, they're focusing on the issues that really improve performance.

Last week, our CEO Kevin Oakes wrote about the five domains of high performance. This week, we're going to break things down to highlight some of the most critical subcomponents of each domain, based on i4cp's new study of the major issues of 2010.

We asked study participants to look ahead and identify the issues that would be most important to their organizations in the coming year. We also asked them to rate their organizations' effectiveness in addressing those issues. Why? Because being highly important doesn't mean something is critical. It's critical only if two things are true: it's important AND the organization is not effective enough in managing it.

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