Extraordinary Productivity: The 5 Choices™ That Drive Success

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Career demands and information overload can hurt our ability to think clearly.

It’s harder to make wise decisions, and the goals that matter most in our professional and personal lives get shortchanged, or worse, not accomplished at all. This seminar combines current neuroscience research with proven productivity principles to help you better manage your decisions, attention and energy. Learn to apply a process and maximize the use of Microsoft Outlook® that can dramatically increase your ability to achieve life’s most important outcomes by consistently making choices that create extraordinary value for yourself and your organization.

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How You Will Benefit

  • Apply the latest science on brain health to maximize your productivity
  • Utilize a language with others to ensure you’re aligned around “important and urgent” 
  • Recognize how to achieve true and consistent work-life balance 
  • Create a personalized, practical system for managing your high-impact goals 
  • Manage technology so it doesn’t manage you


Upon registration, you will receive a link to an online benchmark 26-question assessment to see where you stand on key productivity behaviours. You will have the opportunity to take the benchmark again after applying what you learned.


  • Participant Guide 
  • Microsoft Outlook® Technical Guide 
  • The 5 Choices: a brief monograph with notebook 
  • Bonus Modules: three video-based minicourses with toolkits 

Note: For hands-on Outlook® application you may wish to attend with a laptop. 



Who Should Attend

Business professionals at all levels looking for the tools to maximize productivity and achieve the extraordinary.

bonus modules



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17 Reviews 5 Star

Course Reviews

  • Past participant, ESSA Technologies Jun 24, 2018

    Very engaging. Brought in relevant anecdotes and examples throughout the course. I enjoyed the course. Most of the content I was familiar with in pieces (I have colleagues who have taken FranklinCovey courses, and I have read 7 Habits a couple times) but it was helpful to cover it all in an integrated manner. The course also helped me diagnose where some of my struggles are clearly more to do with motivation and/or discipline (i.e., I have all the right tools and knowledge, but fail to execute). One thing that stood out was that the fancy packaging for the course materials was completely wasteful. It looks nice, but as soon as you open the package, you realize that the cardboard packaging is going straight into the recycling/garbage. This is a real waste. All that is needed is the manuals. Please consider this.

  • AMA Past Participant Nov 5, 2017

    The instructor was great. Day 2 was a little weaker than day 1. A lot of it was based on tips using Microsoft outlook (which I don't use), so I took most of that time doing other things rather than focus on something that doesn't pertain to me. The end was also based on different apps and such; not the most effective use of time given the cost of the program.

  • AMA Past Participant Nov 2, 2017

    Very Good content; the videos helped to introduce and/or reinforce topics. The exercises were well-designed to help you learn and put into practice the 5 Choices. I did not rate it Excellent because the course could probably be condensed into 1 day, still be very effective, and be more economical for participants.

  • AMA Past Participant Nov 2, 2017

    Easy and higher effective tools and communication to help your personal and professional life. Highly recommend this course.

  • AMA Past Participant Nov 2, 2017

    I enjoyed the videos, got a lot of good tips & will be trying & hopefully keep on with the 30/10!

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