Project Management Essentials: Part 2 - Project Monitoring & Control

Learn how successful project managers apply tools and techniques to real project challenges for effective and consistent results.

Project Management Essentials: Part 2 is part of our “essentials” project management series of workshops, and is designed to prepare project managers for the challenges they will face in the real world. This course focuses on project execution, monitoring and control, and project completion and is delivered in a style similar to Project Management Essentials: Part 1.

To support an effective transition from classroom learning to actual projects, we emphasize application of context and common sense to learned tools and techniques. Much of the learning during this course takes place through facilitated group discussion and hands-on exercises, in which learned techniques are applied to a series of realistic project scenarios. As a result,participants move well beyond an academic understanding of the tools, and leave the course with an understanding of how and where to apply the learned techniques on actual projects.

For organizations, this course supports Project Management - adopting flexible approaches to project-based work.

How You Will Benefit

  • Practice project scenarios designed to demonstrate real world consequences of properly using, or not using, learned techniques
  • Reference files with customizable project management tools and templates
  • Achieve better control of projects through a solid understanding and application of advanced project management tools and techniques
  • Use in-class project scenarios specifically designed to demonstrate real-world consequences of using, or not using, key concepts, to facilitate your transition from the classroom to being able to apply learned techniques on actual projects
  • Manage project challenges effectively by understanding when and where the learned tools and techniques should be used to achieve the desired results

Who Should Attend

  • Project Managers of mid to large size projects (including those who already have their PMP® designation), who require the tools to better monitor and control their projects
  • Individuals working towards their Project Management Professional (PMP®) designation
  • Professionals who need to go beyond an academic understanding of project management, to understand how the advanced tools of project management found within the PMBOK® Guide are used, and how they add value to projects


$1,760 Non Member Fee
$1,760 Member Fee

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$1,760 Non Member Fee
$1,760 Member Fee

Do you need a different date or location? We offer Courses On Request.

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38 Reviews 5 Star

Course Reviews

  • Past Participant, Mold-Masters Ltd Feb 1, 2023

    Very good presentation and exercises that we did, Kristine was very knowledgeable and good to follow with different problems that we were exercising

  • Past Participant, SL Project Management Consulting Feb 1, 2023

    Instructor is very detailed and provide examples and scenarios

  • Ryan Thomas, Manufacturing Engineer, Mold-Masters Ltd Feb 1, 2023

    The course provided good information on the importance of documentation and how the data should be collected and verified before presenting to stake holders

  • Past Participant, Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General Feb 1, 2023

    the course was very educative!

  • Ken Rudlin, Manufacturing Engineer, Mold-Masters Ltd Feb 1, 2023

    Excellent course

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