How To Communicate with Diplomacy, Tact and Credibility

  • Communication & Interpersonal Skills
  • Course Code: 32206

Get your point across with a positive professional image

How well you communicate directly influences how others view your work and performance—as well as your prospects for career advancement and mobility. Being diplomatic, tactful and credible doesn’t always come naturally. even when it does, communication can easily be derailed by emotions and conflict. Being skilled in these three areas of communication, takes awareness, training and the know-how to apply proven techniques to all kinds of situations.

Learn to choose and use the most appropriate words and emotional tone for every business interaction. Gain insights into your communication style and the styles of others, while building skills to clearly and effectively receive and transmit information, ideas, thoughts, feelings and needs.

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How You Will Benefit

  • Recognize how communicating with diplomacy, tact and credibility positively impacts the image others have of you
  • Identify your personal communication style and match your style to the style of others
  • Understand and remove the roadblocks to effective communication
  • Utilize and leverage the visual, verbal and vocal components of communication
  • Address difficult situations with diplomacy, tact and credibility
  • Create an action plan to enhance your communication skills at work
  • Strengthen your communication effectiveness with active listening and questioning skills
  • Gain cooperation and respect by modeling positive behaviours
  • Improve your professional image
  • Create a more positive work environment
  • Gain tips on maintaining confidence, credibility and polish when interacting with others
  • Develop techniques for handling difficult situations effectively


Who Should Attend

All business professionals who want to advance their credibility and confidence with diplomatic methods of communication.


190 Reviews 4 Star

Course Reviews

  • Past Participant, CIBC Dec 5, 2016

    The instructor Peter was very engaging and very good.  

  • Past Participant, Warner Music Canada Dec 4, 2016

  • Past Participant, Royal Building Products, a Westlake company Dec 4, 2016

  • Past Participant, Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada Mar 14, 2017

    Excellent theory material....more role playing might be a good course addition.  thanks for providing refreshments and lunch.

  • Past Participant, Royal College Of Physicians And Surgeons Of Canada Mar 14, 2017

    most of the instructions for in book exercises are hard to understand what is being asked. Facilitator was GREAT! amazing, had a great time 

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