Communicating Up, Down and Across the Organization

  • Communication & Interpersonal Skills
  • Course Code: 32203
Gain recognition, build stronger work relationships and deliver high-value results!
Real leaders appreciate it when employees practice upward communication—taking the responsibility to communicate new ideas, innovations and better ways to get the work accomplished. This ability is especially crucial during times of economic uncertainty, where responsibilities can change unexpectedly and fresh ideas and input are essential at all organizational levels. 
This seminar offers practical and adaptive strategies for upward communication—as well as across and downward communication—to inform and influence others no matter where they fit in the organizational chart.

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How You Will Benefit

Gain recognition, confidence and credibility by putting forward a positive image 

Use upward and downward communication to create new opportunities for yourself

Break down the barriers between team cooperation and organizational effectiveness 

Reduce frustration through upward and downward communication to build cooperation between different silos 

Enhance productivity by gaining support and commitment 

Build more cooperative and productive workplace relationships


Who Should Attend

Professionals and managers who want to build the communication skills that encourage dialogue throughout the organization and among different departments and levels


58 Reviews 4 Star

Course Reviews

  • Past Participant, CIBC Oct 31, 2016

    very relevant to my day to day work Bruce was very Professional and did an excellent job in delivering the material. With CMC's Training I am able to truly outperform and exceed expectations.

  • Catherine F. Feb 13, 2017

    I really enjoyed the course. Bruce and Dorothy as instructors were both excellent. I was hoping there would be more practical skills discussed and practiced during the course. For example, how to write a powerpoint executive summary going to an executive. I think less focus on soft skill verbal communication would have been appreciated.   Again I liked the course overall, especially the instructors. I would recommend this course to a colleague if they want more practice in soft skills however, I do not think many of my colleagues need this kind of training. 

  • Past Participant, CIBC Feb 13, 2017

    More time should be allocated to Modules two to five.  The pace was too slow on 1st day.  Good facilitation by Bruce and the lady on Friday was very engaging. Friday facilitator was excellent. Bruce was very good. Location and venue was very good. More time needed on the last module. 

  • Past Participant, Cancer Care Ontario (CCO) Feb 12, 2017

    Lot of material to cover which could be divided into courses on there own Bruce was the facilitator the first day and obviously did not feel well because I heard he's usually more energetic. Dorothy was fantastic, intelligent, articulate great feedback.  I wish we worked more as a class and not split up into individual tables.  I would have enjoyed more of her feedback as 1 group. You miss out when assigned to small groups just focusing on one aspect or case. I found being divided multiple times a day into groups took away from learning about all aspects, cases because individual groups focused on different things. It would have been more productive to open the discussion with everyone. Dorothy had such great knowledge and I would have liked more informaiton from her and feedback with everyone discussing. Many individual did not want to participate in groups making it difficult at times.

  • Past Participant, MSF/Doctors Without Borders Feb 12, 2017

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