Communicating Up, Down, and Across the Organization (Live Online)

  • Communication & Interpersonal Skills
  • Course Code: 62203

Get heard—regardless of positional power!

It can happen at a moment’s notice: you need to communicate a new idea to senior managers, influence your colleagues to support your proposal or inspire direct reports to make a change. Are you prepared to communicate with anyone in your organization? Do you know how to analyze your audience? Can you frame your message so that people feel connected to you in a corporate setting?  To connect with many types of people while projecting confidence, credibility and trustworthiness requires specific tools and strategies. You’ll focus on improving communication skills and competencies necessary to build mutual understanding and connectivity with others, regardless of your role. You’ll also discover influence strategies and learn how to critically evaluate each unique communication event.

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How You Will Benefit

  • Analyze your audiences and situations and plan your message
  • Create processes to frame your message to specific audiences
  • Apply strategies to influence and motivate others throughout the organization
  • Understand how communication can impact how much influence you have
  • Exhibit a strong sense of self-confidence with your peers, direct reports and managers
  • Solving real workplace communication issues
  • Recognizing the role of communication in developing influence and improved productivity
  • Exhibiting a strong sense of confidence and external image
  • Applying strategies to build and use rapport and identification with colleagues
  • Targeting your message to the situation
  • Planning effective messaging in teams when up/down/across members are present
  • Applying message-framing strategies to create a responsive environment
  • Practicing how to deliver messages that promote clear and productive communication
  • Motivating and influencing throughout the organization
  • Evaluating and practicing various motivational and presentation formats

This course features Blended Learning. Blended Learning combines instructor-led training with online pre- and post-seminar assessments, tune-up courses and other resources to maximize your training goals. Through a blend of proven instructor-led seminars and powerful online technology, Blended Learning provides a compelling and more comprehensive experience for the learner—producing a greater return-on-investment for the employer and the seminar participant.


Who Should Attend

This communication training is ideal for business professionals who want to be strong, passionate and effective communicators who can speak to a variety of audiences across organizational boundaries.



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37 Reviews 5 Star

Course Reviews

  • Julie M., COO, WellFlorida Council Jul 22, 2020

  • Ashley S., Marketing Associate, PRAXAIR SURFACE TECHNOLOGIES Jul 22, 2020

    I enjoyed the class, teacher, layout, and content. However, I felt like time was an issue. Some modules were rushed and valuable content was missed.

  • Joseph G., Facilities Manager, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas El Paso Branch Jul 22, 2020

    Good information, and interactive participation.

  • Blake A., Network Infrastructure SRE, Bloomberg Jul 22, 2020

    Tonya relayed relevant techniques and information that I can start using immediately. Christina led and orchestrated the sessions flawlessly.

  • Lisa P., Quality Assurance Supervisor, Aesculap Jul 22, 2020

    Great break-out sessions.

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