Creating and Delivering Winning Presentations

By Canadian Management Centre


Discover the 5 secrets that every successful presenters uses and unlock your potential to deliver your next presentation with confidence and credibility.  

Secret 1: Target the Presentation to Your Audience: Understanding your audience will help you tailor your message to ensure you provide the information they need. Take what you know about these individuals, their interest in what you’re presenting and what’s in it for them and channel that into the key messages you’ll be delivering.


Secret 2: Know Your Desired Outcomes: Is your presentation to inform (create awareness, share information), influence (take action, make a decision, shift mindsets), or entertain (celebrate an achievement, recognize others)? Defining your desired outcome will help you determine which category your presentation falls into and whether or not you’re set up for success.


Secret 3: Leverage a Presentation Framework: Don’t fall into the trap of a data dump or running out of time. Use a framework to organize your message to ensure it flows efficiently from subject to purpose, relevance and finally desired outcome. This will ensure you get to the crux of what you need people to know, understand or believe.


Secret 4: Mind the Body Language: Your presentation relies on what you say, how you say it and how you look when you’re saying it. Build awareness of non-verbal cues, both yours and the people you’re presenting to. When presenting virtually, be prepared to engage your audience through different features (polls, emojis or cameras) if possible to gauge response and reaction.


Secret 5: Ask for Feedback: Take the time to plan for your presentation and to practice. Leverage opportunities to get feedback from a trusted source on both your presentation content and your delivery. You can also check in with your presentation attendees to see whether or not you’ve answered all their questions and given them the information they need.


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