Presentation Skills Workshop

  • Business Writing & Presentation Skills
  • Course Code: 21002

Overcome nervousness and deliver your best presentation ever...

Want to overcome presentation anxiety? Need to know how to design and deliver compelling messages? This workshop is for you.

In just one day you will learn techniques to transform your nervousness into positive and productive energy.  You’ll apply foundational tools designed to ensure your presentations are crafted for maximum clarity and impact. And through practice and feedback, you’ll develop a comfort with your own presentation style that will ensure you engage your audience with your new found confidence and poise.

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How You Will Benefit

  • Know the difference between the delivery and the message
  • Receive valuable feedback on the factors that impact your presentation: body language, controlling your voice, etc.
  • Make an impact by delivering more informative, motivating and memorable presentations


Who Should Attend

Professionals and leaders looking for a brief, hands-on course to build or refresh their presentation skills.



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28 Reviews 4 Star

Course Reviews

  • Jennifer H. Dec 12, 2016

     Jill was wonderful!  She was very positive and gave lots of good feedback.  She made the environment feel safe and comfortable and gave us lots of good material to help us with presentations. I like that the group size was small, it really helped give everyone some individual attention.

  • Past Participant, Star Media Group Dec 11, 2016

    We didn't spend too much time utilizing the notebook,  occasionally it was referenced,  but Jill showed us many things that weren't in the book which was helpful.  I think if their was a course more targeted to sales presentations, instead of presentations,  that would also be helpful.  I think if it was sales presentation focused as opposed to just regular presentation focused,  I'd recommend it to coworkers.  As it stands,  I'm not terribly sure it would make sense.

  • Past Participant, LifeLabs Feb 13, 2017

    Excellent course, content & facilitator. The only thing I would change is if we spent more time on tips and techniques on controlling anxiety. But considering it was only a one day course, the three modules covered everything I was hoping to learn more about.  Jill was great. From the time I entered the room she was very warm and engaging. She took the time to research us prior to the course. Her feedback was very personalize, and she really gave everyone that one on one attention. I will definitely take another course with Jill in the future.  

  • Past Participant, A.P. Plasman Inc. Oct 16, 2016

  • Past Participant, INVIVO Communications Aug 15, 2016

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