Emotional Dimwits Need Not Apply

By Mark Vickers

You know the type: brilliant spreadsheet jockeys who crave leadership positions but who are so arrogant or even petulant that they constantly offend others. In the past, these bellicose bullies in Armani have sometimes found their way into top executive levels. In the future, they're going to have a tougher time of it.

At least that's one conclusion that can be reached from a leadership competencies survey that i4cp conducted in partnership with the American Management Association. We asked participants to write in responses to the following question, "What two competencies should a leader have in the coming decade that were not as important in the preceding decade?"

We predicted, based on prior research, that the top answer would be change management (as it was), and we suspected that innovation and communication would be in top five. But we didn't expect the term "emotional intelligence" to make that top-five cut.

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