Negotiating to Win

  • Communication & Interpersonal Skills
  • Course Code: 32513

Gain the skills, insights and competencies required in all negotiations - in every industry - at every level.

Whether it’s allocating resources for a project, funding a new initiative or establishing a supply chain for a new product or service, negotiation is at the heart of the process. But few people understand the structure, techniques and approaches available to them as they seek to positively influence an outcome. This hands-on seminar gives you a step-by-step guide to effective negotiation. You must identify the problem, understand it from the other’s perspective, generate alternative solutions and select a solution that benefits both sides. All parties need each other to achieve their goals. Negotiation focuses on solving the problem and closing the gap between what both parties want.

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How You Will Benefit

  • Identify what is negotiable in typical business situations
  • Apply the six stages of negotiation
  • Apply the principles of persuasion to negotiation
  • Identify ways to adjust communication styles to achieve agreement
  • Craft a negotiation strategy for a business negotiation
  • Know when—and when not—to negotiate
  • Develop an effective plan and strategy for any negotiation
  • Know what behavior to adapt at each stage of the negotiation
  • Adjust your communication style to achieve desired results
  • Successfully apply the principles of persuasion to any negotiation situation
  • Effective negotiate face-to-face, on the phone or through email and other media


  • Self-assessments for insight into individual behaviour and how you work with others
  • Simulation activities to help transfer learned skills and behaviours to the job
  • Role plays to practice techniques and behaviours in a safe environment


Who Should Attend

All professionals, managers, sales and purchasing specialists, project managers and others responsible for negotiating the best possible terms of an agreement for their organization.  Note: This program in not intended for labour-union negotiators on either side.


99 Reviews 4 Star

Course Reviews

  • Kevin Frame, Sales Manager, Mining Tire Group, Kal Tire Feb 7, 2022

  • Julie Delisle, Environmental Education Liaison, Kahnawake Environment Protection Office (KEPO) Nov 15, 2021

    Great delivery. Excellent format. Content was not overly unique. Would recommend this course.

  • Chris Wright, Regional Sales Manager, Kal Tire Nov 15, 2021

  • Scott Siren, Regional Sales Manager, Ontario, Kal Tire Nov 15, 2021

    Glen was very inspiring

  • Roy Mitchell, Branch Manager, Belterra Corporation Nov 15, 2021

    The instructor was very engaged and energized about the subject matter. This has been a very engaged session with break out session. This was very informative and practical application of many negotiation skills. I would love to learn more about Glen's other courses. thanks

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