Negotiating to Win (Live Online)

  • Communication & Interpersonal Skills
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This live online seminar gives you a step-by-step guide to effective negotiation.

Whether it’s allocating resources for a project, funding a new initiative or establishing a supply chain for a new product or service, negotiation is inevitably at the heart of the process. But few people understand the structure, techniques and approaches available to them as they seek to positively influence an outcome. This hands-on seminar gives you a step-by-step guide to effective negotiation. You must identify the problem, understand it from the other’s perspective, generate alternative solutions and select a solution that benefits both sides. All parties need each other to achieve their goals. Negotiation focuses on solving the problem and closing the gap between what both parties want.

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How You Will Benefit

  • Know when—and when not—to negotiate
  • Develop an effective plan and strategy for any negotiation
  • Know what behavior to adapt at each stage of the negotiation
  • Adjust your communication style to achieve desired results
  • Successfully apply the principles of persuasion to any negotiation situation
  • Effectively negotiate face-to-face, on the phone or through e-mail and other media

Negotiation Stages

  • Identify the six stages of negotiation
  • Use appropriate behaviors in each of the stages
  • Define the influences on the negotiation process

Planning Your Negotiation

  • Plan a negotiation
  • Determine a settlement range
  • Apply the planning framework in practice negotiation


  • Apply the persuasion process
  • Use the frame/reframe process to understand the other party
  • Examine possible approaches to use when there is confrontation
  • Use listening skills in the negotiation process


  • Explain the four dimensions of DISC and the style tendencies of each
  • Describe the characteristics of dual styles and their impact on negotiations
  • Describe how to adapt style to maximize the results of negotiations
  • Identify why negotiations become derailed and how to avoid negotiation traps

Crafting a Strategy for Your Negotiation

  • Plan a strategy to apply your negotiations
  • Describe the process of identifying a problem or issue for negotiation
  • Identify steps and techniques for choosing appropriate communication methods
  • Create and apply a strategy for a business negotiation simulation

Action Plan

  • Apply what you’ve learned to plan a negotiation for back on the job


Who Should Attend

Those responsible for negotiating the best possible terms of an agreement for their organization.



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13 Reviews 4 Star

Course Reviews

  • Nina E., Sr Category Dev Analyst, Twinings North America Jul 16, 2020

    I thought this course would be a little more tailored to our business and what our team typically negotiates with buyers/retailers. This was more of a general course, which you can definitely use the techniques, however, it would have been nice to be specific to our needs. I did find it difficult to follow online sometime. We had a note book but nothing was printed b/c we got the material that morning. The use of the White Board was good, but we had so many lists, it was difficult to follow the Steps vs. The lists we created. I think with online classes, it might be good to point out which Step we were referring just was a little confusing to follow. This also could have been helped if we received an email beforehand that listed out the 6 steps we were going through so that we had that base. I took a lot of notes, but I had so many things written down on a sheet of paper, that wasn't associated with the Notebook b/c we didn't have the notebook in our hands. hope that makes sense. Overall, i think providing the students with the materials that are needed prior to the course would be best and maybe that would help make it easier to follow along.

  • Dan W., , Twinings North America Jul 16, 2020

    it was very long being on a ZOOM call and keeping everyone's attention. I would have liked more examples on "Negotiating to WIN" it seemed like we answered our own questions. You need to know your audience and who you are presenting t, we are a CPG company and adjust your course to fit our type of questions in our field.

  • Roseann P., , Twinings North America Jul 16, 2020

    I think it would have been helpful if Kurt had a better understanding of his audience so that he could have tailored the presentation accordingly. We are not appealing to consumers buy buyers and executives from major companies where developing rapport and relationships are not an option. It would have been helpful to have walked through an actual relaxant industry challenge, apply the learnings while be guided by Kurt.I previously took part in Scotwork's live training which I thought was more effective.


    Overall the course was great. The teacher was excellent and I learned many new things about negotiating I can use in my every day business dealings.

  • Dan J., Managing Director, NewFound Recruiting Jun 12, 2020

    I found the content good but the technology provided issues. I would suggest the instructor be on video, it makes it easier to learn. The instructor and the facilitator didn't have great use of the technology - it actually ruined one of our breakout exercises and I thought brought less value. It was hard to ask questions as the instructor/facilitator wouldn't always see the "raise hand" icon and didn't pause to ask if we had questions. The interactivity suffered and my learning because of it.

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