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28+ PDUs*

You’re ready for the next step in your career. But are you ready to pass the PMP Exam?

The Velociteach system for PMP® Exam Prep, is one of the most comprehensive and effective PMP® Exam Prep systems available. This is not just a course, but a fully integrated blended learning system that provides everything you need to prepare to successfully write and pass the PMP® exam. You may not be ready to write the PMP exam yet, but after the Velociteach PMP® Exam Prep, you will be!

28+ PDUs* Get 28 PDUs for attending and up to an additional 35 PDUs through online self study!

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How You Will Benefit

Participants will be prepared to write and pass the PMP® exam including an understanding of:

  • Each of the 5 major project management processes including inputs, outputs, tools, techniques, and terminology
  • How each process relates to the 10 project management knowledge areas
  • The project management framework and how processes flow within it
  • The “professional responsibility” subject matter that PMI added to the exam
  • PMI formulas relating to cost, time, quality and risk, and how to apply them in real scenarios
  • How to produce network diagrams, calculate critical path, float and lag, and the terms, tools, and techniques that apply to them
  • Test-taking strategies to help you understand and decode PMI's test questions, and avoid common traps and pitfalls
  • Working knowledge of PMI's vocabulary and terminology

You Will Receive:

The Velociteach PMP® Exam Prep system is not just a course, but a fully integrated and blended learning solution which includes:

  • 4 days of live instruction from a PMP-certified subject matter expert
  • Pre- and post-class access to InSite, Velociteach’s exclusive online e-learning program containing audio/visual lessons, downloadable exercises, tools, and testing labs simulated practice exams (6 months total)
  • The best-selling book The PMP Exam: How to Pass on Your First Try, Sixth Edition by Velociteach CEO, Andy Crowe
  • Study tool kit with flash card and testing mobile app, 6-page laminated Quick Reference Guide, and MP3s of audio conversations
  • Course workbook with 11 comprehensive memory aids covering all ten Knowledge Areas
  • All classroom supplies (pen, markers, highlighter, etc.)
  • Total of over 1,800 practice exam questions via textbook and InSite
  • PMP exam application advice
  • Ongoing, post-class support


Prior to taking this course, participants must have an understanding of the fundamentals of traditional Project Management terminology, tools and techniques. Completion of a foundational course in Project Management plus PMI approval to write the PMP® exam is recommended.

*Get 28 PDUs in-class, plus up to an additional 35 PDUs through online self-study


Who Should Attend

This course is appropriate for individuals from any industry or organization who are serious about passing the exam and becoming a PMP®, have foundational knowledge of project management and have met the PMI® prerequisites for writing the PMP® exam.

NOTE: the October 24-December 12 Mississauga session will be held Wednesday Evenings 6:00-9:30. 


7 Reviews 5 Star

Course Reviews

  • Ilana Chilewitz Aug 2, 2018

    I have been a project manager for over 20 years and the course did not just focus me on what I needed to know to pass the exam but it really taught me a lot of theory that my practical side was lacking. The instructors (I had two :) ) were so incredibly supportive and knowledgeable - they definitely gave me strength to push forward and finally take the exam. I had faith in them and the process. The first time round, I did not appreciate the commitment needed to study and learn for the exam over and above what we were doing in the class and I was not in the right space for that in my life. I was the second time round - I listened to what Carl told me to do, I did it all except for one small part - I committed to getting this certification and put in a lot of hours but it was so worth it - I passed on the first try - above target :)

  • Past Participant May 10, 2018

    The format in which the framework was presented help to solidify my understanding. I found it useful in helping me to map the processes, process groups and knowledge areas. The regular testing was also helpful to gain confidence for the final exam.

  • Past Participant May 10, 2018

    Covered all elements/requirements to be prepared for PMP exam. Intensely packaged to deliver all course content in an efficient manner. Resource materials are invaluable.

  • Past Participant May 10, 2018

    This course is enjoyable and provides a rich learning experience to not only get a strong understanding of the PMP® exam but for my career.

  • Past Participant May 10, 2018

    100% I would highly recommended to my colleagues who would be interested in the PMP® exam.

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