Time Management (Live Online)

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There is enough time in a day! Learn the most effective ways to manage it.

Do you find yourself overloaded with work? Feel so stretched to the limit you can't set priorities? Exhaust yourself daily without accomplishing your goals? Remember, every minute of your day impacts the business. If you answer yes to one or more of the above, it's time to make real choices about how to manage your time. This seminar is designed to combat the pitfalls of time management. It will help you identify causes of procrastination and indecision, pinpoint personal time-wasters and increase your concentration and focus. You’ll learn to schedule your time more effectively, stay on track and keep important goals top of mind, so you can stay in balance and be more effective and productive.


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How You Will Benefit

  • Set and accomplish goals
  • Create priorities and establish realistic boundaries
  • Recognize and deal with time-wasters
  • Improve concentration and efficiency
  • Break indecision and procrastination habits
  • Create and recharge positive energy
  • Identifying personal time-wasters
  • Defining goals; establishing important and valid priorities
  • Creating a realistic and productive schedule
  • Dealing with self-distractions and interruptions
  • Identifying ways to manage email
  • Creating boundaries and balance
  • Prioritizing and choosing activities to balance life and work
  • Creating a personal “no” script


Who Should Attend

Business professionals who want greater control of their time, management style and life.



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22 Reviews 5 Star

Course Reviews

  • Meryle H., Executive Legal Assistant-NY, BMI Jul 29, 2020

    This course was very helpful and informative. learned new ways to approach situations at work and be more effective in managing my time. I also enjoyed interacting with the other attendees and the instructor.

  • Nancie P., Regional Manager, Just Born Confections Jul 29, 2020

    Howard was excellent and well informed. He kept all attendees engaged. I absolutely loved this course and look forward to making changes in my day-to-day life in order to become more efficient and productive!

  • Mike A., Purchasing Agent, Ellwood Quality Steels Jun 19, 2020

    Very helpful in pointing out areas where I can improve time management that I had not thought about before.

  • Lisa B., , AllScripts Jun 19, 2020

    I was worried about taking this course online and not in the AMA office but this worked out extremely well! Very easy to navigate.

  • Larin C., Examiner, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Jun 19, 2020

    Great strategies and eye opening exercises to better manage time

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