Workforce Planning Is the "Missing Link" for HR

By Jay Jamrog

If your bead on the future is looking blurry these days, you're not alone. The global recession has thrown off a lot of organizations' expectations and predictions. So, it's little wonder that many are now striving to do a much better job of strategic planning for the future, especially in the area of talent.

Workforce planning, or WFP, is not a new process, but it is an increasingly critical and fast-evolving one. It's come a long way since 40 years ago, when it tended to go by the name of "manpower planning," but there's still a long trek before it reaches its potential.

Over the past six months, i4cp has conducted nearly two dozen workshops and webinars for member organizations, has interviewed over a dozen members of our WFP advisory board and has completed a comprehensive survey. All were designed to uncover what is driving the revival and evolution of WFP and what high-performing organizations are doing differently in this area.

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