Collaborative Leadership Skills

  • Leadership
  • Course Code: 32186

Develop the collaboration skills to drive team cohesion and get things done.

Why become a collaborative leader? Because it gives you the ability to break down silos, energize your team and bring out the best in others.

From collaboration skills to collaborative leadership behaviours, this course gives you the roadmap to be an adaptive leader: someone who can create clarity, vision and build mutual trust with your team and other departments. It will show you how to establish a culture that operates as an open and united group, so that you can inspire optimal performance up, down and across the organization.

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How You Will Benefit

  • Create a culture that fosters involvement from all employees and helps break down silos
  • Customize your management style to encourage employees to find their own answers to business challenges
  • Leverage social media to enhance discussions, obtain recommendations and information, network and establish relevance
  • Improve accountability by allowing your employees to have ownership of the results of their efforts
  • Employ a collaborative process that is effective with all communication styles
  • Become more effective by enabling each team member to share ideas and generate solutions
  • Remove roadblocks that prevent employees from doing their best work
  • Enhance team creativity and involvement without expensive programs or initiatives
  • Differentiate yourself and become more influential in your organization
  • Help increase employee retention and engagement
  • Develop a mindset that can increase your innovation skills and produce new ideas
  • Provide greater opportunities for employees to own and implement their ideas

Course Features

  • Hands-on activities to practice new skills
  • Worksheets and exercises to enhance participation and learning
  • Coaching and direction from an expert practitioner throughout the program


Who Should Attend

People and project leaders who want and need to inspire greater involvement, innovation and business results from their direct reports, colleagues and stakeholders.



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7 Reviews 4 Star

Course Reviews

  • Sheryl Ellis, DMCC Holdings Inc. Jun 17, 2019

    Candida was very interactive and a good listener The food was okay.

  • Past Participant, DMCC Holdings Jun 11, 2019

  • Erica Mullery, Jonas Software Jun 11, 2019

    I like the small setting better for engaged speaking. Presenter had relevant experiences so much better at delivering content. Changed things up to go with flow of class

  • Bhawana Karki, Equitable Bank Jun 11, 2019

  • Past Participant, Equitable Bank Jun 11, 2019

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